EMO Price

1 EMO = $ 0.0078




NFT Marketplace


Hotel Booking

Bus Booking

Flight Booking


Mobile Recharge






DTH Recharge

Electricity Payment

Water Bill


EMO building Practical & Sustainable Ecosystem

Emo Development Team is working and creating the EMO usability ecosystem which is called EMOVerse. EMOVerse empowers the ecosystem to be a sustainable financial ecosystem. This will allow all EMOian’s to use this ecosystem into their daily lives as financial solution.

EMOian’s can use EMO in their daily lives similar to fiat financial system.

EMOVerse will Empower EMOian’s to :

1. Pay and Receive Payments
2. Grow their Asset with Staking
3. Recharge, Bill Payments and Bookings
4. Pay in-store and Online
5. Buy and Sell EMO
6. Play Games Online
7. Donate EMO for Charity
8. Create Valuations of their Asset through EMOSWAP
9. Own Properties through EMOValley



Safe and Secure for Scale and Growth of Assets

EMO Staking Program is a magnificent way to Earn Passive Income for an individual. Once you purchase EMO, instead of holding EMO in your wallets, Stake or Freeze your EMO as per the desired tenure.
This will not only help every stake holders to earn extra rewards as EMO for themselves but they will also be helping the Community in getting new supply of EMO into the Market.
EMO Staking is simple and accessible to everyone. Anyone can start the staking with Minimum 500 EMO’s. User can select the tenure from 1 year to 5 years and can earn APY (Annual Per Yield) as per the tenure.

Fastest Way to Pay & Receive EMO’s

Pay & Receive payments from anyone, anywhere and anytime.
Pay secure payments to in-store or online using your EMO Wallet.


Recharge, Bill Payment & Bookings

First crypto currency in the World which allows you to Pay Postpaid Bills, Recharge Mobile & DTH. You can book your flights, hotels, Book movies tickets, Recharge metro cards and much more with your EMO’s.

Buy and Sell EMO

EMOPAY is working to give the best possible decentralised solution for its users. We are trying to automate the process so that Buying and Selling EMO doesn’t require any extra support.

Now you can Buy EMO with USDT.
Debit card/ Credit Card facility coming soon.

User can sell their EMO’s by placing their Bids and convert their EMO into USDT or Local Fiat Currency.

EMO Charity

Not only Creating the Technology for the future, EMOPAY also believes in helping and raising the the weaker section of the society and bringing happiness on their faces.

EMOian’s can donate their EMO’s for this welfare cause so that these funds can be used for the following:
1. Serving Foods
2. Donating Clothes
3. Education
4. Healthcare